What is HomeLink?

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
What is HomeLink? It’s a connected system featuring cutting edge technology that links your Chevy automobile to your home. Our Carmel customers love the convenience afforded by Homelink. You can control your lights, thermostat, and door locks remotely from your car. Can’t remember if you left your garage door open? Don’t worry! Homelink will let you close it even if you’re already miles away.

What is HomeLink Connected To?

What is HomeLink used for? Even if your travels have taken you far away from the Noblesville area, you can still control the electronics and appliances in your home that are connected to the Internet. Here are some examples:

  • Garage Door Opener – Never worry about leaving our garage door open again
  • Thermostat – Turn the heat up or cool the house down before you get home
  • Door locks – Forgot to lock the back door? Not a problem!
  • Lighting – Don’t go home to a dark house (or worry about forgetting to turn off the lights)
  • Dimmers – Turn your lights down from your car
  • Switches – Anything in your house that is controlled by a wall switch can be turned off or own by HomeLink
  • Outlet – Anything that is plugged in to a connected outlet can be turned on or off by HomeLink
  • Smoke Alarm – Get alerted if the smoke alarm goes off. Talk about peace of mind!
  • Shades – Open or close your window shades from your car

Keep in mind that the list of technologies that you can connect to may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Chevy Models That Feature Homelink

Homelink comes standard or available in many different Chevy cars, SUVs, and trucks. Which Chevrolet vehicles feature HomeLink? Here’s a list of current models that carry this feature:

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