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Changing your oil is an important maintenance step in keeping your Chevy healthy so you can enjoy smooth rides on Carmel and Noblesville roads. In this article, we’ll discuss what type of oil you should use on your Equinox, as well as how much oil it takes and how often you should change the oil in your car. If you’re striving to be comfortable in understanding this aspect of your Chevy Equinox, read below!
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Recommended Oil Type for the Equinox

Which oil change type is the right choice for your next visit? Generally speaking, there are two types of oil for a car: conventional and synthetic. Conventional car oil is made of petroleum, while synthetic oil is created in a lab with various chemicals. These chemicals allow synthetic oil to tolerate higher temperatures and move through the motor with less friction than conventional oil. This provides exceptional engine wear protection, greater horsepower and better overall engine efficiency.

What type of oil change do you need? Since there are many different types of synthetic and conventional oil, as well as mixtures of the two, you’ll need to do a little bit more reading before you can make a final decision.

Full Synthetic Oil Change

For superior lubrication and reduced wear, choosing full synthetic motor oil just makes sense. To be sure, synthetic motor oil is more expensive than conventional oil products—but since it lasts longer and protects your engine more effectively, most drivers find that it’s worth the cost.

It’s only necessary to use synthetic oil if your vehicle requires it, or if you tend to push your vehicle especially hard—with towing, racing, off-roading, or some other activity. It’s also smart to use synthetic oil with older vehicles, and with those that often have to perform in extreme heat or cold.

5W-30 Dexos1 full synthetic oil is the most commonly recommended Chevy Equinox oil type, but since your specific model may require a different type of oil, it’s always a good idea to check your owner’s manual or contact our service department for detailed information.

Synthetic-Conventional Oil Change

If you’d like a balance between the cost savings of conventional oil and the performance benefits of synthetic oil, a synthetic-conventional blend may be the right type of oil change for you. While synthetic-conventional blends may not last as long as full synthetic motor oil, this option could be the right one if you always get your oil changed at intervals of less than 7,500 miles.

High-Mileage Oil Change

Motor oil can be formulated for many different and specific purposes. There are oil change types that can increase your fuel economy, oil change types that can reduce wear, and oil change types that are specifically formulated for models with higher mileage. Generally speaking, your preferred high-mileage motor oil will be a synthetic product designed specifically for the task.

Ask for high-mileage motor oil if your vehicle has more than 125,000 miles—or more than 75,000 miles, if you have experienced other problems with your engine. That’s because high-mileage motor oil can also help to slow leaks and seepage, which become common as vehicles age.

Conventional Oil Change

If your owner’s manual says that you can use conventional oil, then you’re certainly welcome to do so. However, the only real benefit offered by conventional oil is the lower price point. In the long run, you can save not only time, but also money, by scheduling full synthetic oil changes at slightly higher mileage intervals.


How Much Oil Does Chevy Equinox Take?

How much oil does a Chevy Equinox take? The answer depends on the engine size and top of oil. In general, an engine requires 5-8 quarts of oil. The bigger your engine, the more oil your car will need. The standard base model of the 2022 Chevy Equinox has a 4 cylinder engine, so it will take about 5 quarts of oil.

How Often Should You Get an Oil Change?

Chevy Equinox oil change frequency guidelines may vary, so make sure to check your owner’s manual or give us a call if you’re not sure when you’re due for service. If you have long commutes to Westfield, then you may want to change more often compared to someone who only goes to the grocery store and back twice a week. In the past, you were typically told to change the oil every 3,000 – 5,000 miles or every six months. Newer cars can stand to go more towards 7,000 miles with synthetic oil but again, it depends on how far you drive and what kind of driving you do.

It’s always good to get a service before a long road trip just to make sure you and your passengers have a smooth ride, and if you’ve recently been towing or off-roading, you can benefit from more frequent oil changes moving forward.


What Happens if  You Don’t Change Your Oil?

Keeping up with your Chevy Equinox oil change interval is a fairly straightforward task—but mistakes happen. If you haven’t scheduled your oil change on time, don’t panic. Usually, you’ll have a bit of a grace period where your vehicle can continue to run without problems. However, the engine may accumulate more wear and tear during this time.

Going much longer in between oil changes is another matter entirely. If you go a whole year, or even years, without changing your oil, you can expect to cut your engine’s lifespan by a significant margin. Here’s why:

  • Oil lubricates your engine’s moving parts and it collects grime as it runs. Without proper lubrication, your engine will wear down more quickly. Moreover, if you don’t have fresh oil, the grime will start to build up within the engine.
  • Your oil filter is supposed to remove this grime as the oil circulates, but if you haven’t been changing your oil, there’s a good chance that you haven’t been changing your oil filter either.
  • Oil also redistributes heat away from your engine’s most vulnerable components. If the oil isn’t clean, it can’t do this job effectively—and your vehicle may overheat to the point where your engine becomes a total loss.


Book Your Equinox Oil Change at Penske Chevrolet

If your Chevy Equinox is in need of an oil change, schedule a service appointment on our website and check out the oil change specials available. It’s easy to schedule your Chevy Equinox oil change online.

Don’t have time to make it into the shop? The next time your Chevy Equinox oil change interval comes up, call the Penske Stop Truck at  Call service Phone Number(866) 240-6644! We’ll come to your home or even to your place of work—we’ll just need verbal approval from the business. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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