Chevy Silverado Double Cab vs. Crew Cab

2022 Chevrolet Silverado LTD
Silverado Double Cab


Silverado Crew Cab
5–6 Passengers

Seating Capacity

5–6 Passengers
35.2 inches

2nd-Row Legroom

43.4 inches
Standard (79.44 inches)

Bed Sizes

Standard (79.44 inches), Short (69.22 inches)
Not Available

Trail Boss, ZR2 Configurations

13,300 pounds

Maximum Towing Capacity

13,200 pounds
2,040 pounds

Maximum Payload Capacity

2,080 pounds

At first glance, the Chevy Silverado Double Cab and the Chevy Silverado Crew Cab are bound to look pretty similar. At the very least, you’ll notice that both of these builds let you seat two to three more passengers than the standard Regular Cab, which seats three. You’ll need to compare the Chevy Silverado Double Cab vs. Crew Cab in detail before you can make the right choice—and Penske Chevrolet has laid out everything that Indianapolis drivers like you need to know!



The Silverado Crew Cab is more spacious than the Double Cab, and the CC is also offered with two different bed sizes (compared to just one for the DC). We’ve focused on the all-new 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 for this Double Cab vs. Crew Cab matchup, but the conclusions that we reach apply broadly across most recent model years.

Chevy Double Cab vs. Crew Cab: Seating Capacity & Dimensions

The Chevy Silverado Double Cab and the Chevy Silverado Crew Cab can both be optioned to seat either five or six passengers. However, the two builds differ in terms of how much space they offer to those in the rear row.

As you’ll see from the specs listed below, the Crew Cab is more accommodating than the Double Cab:

Silverado Double Cab Interior Dimensions

  • Headroom: 43.0 inches (1st) / 39.9 inches (2nd)
  • Legroom: 44.5 inches (1st) / 35.2 inches (2nd)
  • Shoulder Room: 66.0 inches (1st) / 64.9 inches (2nd)
  • Hip Room: 61.2 inches (1st) / 60.2 inches (2nd)

Silverado Crew Cab Interior Dimensions

  • Headroom: 43.0 inches (1st) / 40.1 inches (2nd)
  • Legroom: 44.5 inches (1st) / 43.4 inches (2nd)
  • Shoulder Room: 66.0 inches (1st) / 65.2 inches (2nd)
  • Hip Room: 61.2 inches (1st) / 60.2 inches (2nd)

The Double Cab is great for drivers who often travel with younger passengers or work with larger crews on occasion, but with almost eight more inches of 2nd-row legroom, the Crew Cab is far and away the better option for those who undertake daily work with a team.

Chevy Double Cab vs. Crew Cab: Configurations & Bed Sizes

You can’t compare the Crew Cab vs. Double Cab without pointing out that the Double Cab is only available with the standard 79.44-inch truck bed. The Crew Cab is also available with the standard bed, but you can also equip the 69.92-inch Short Bed if you prefer.

Still trying to decide which bed is right for your Westfield-area job sites? Here’s what you should know:

  • The Standard Bed has a total volume of 71.7 cubic feet.
  • The Short Bed has a total volume of 62.9 cubic feet.
  • Both beds have a height of 22.4 inches and a maximum width of 71.4 inches. At the wheel wells, this width decreases to 50.6 inches.

Notably, the Short Bed is required if you want to opt for one of the Trail Boss configurations or the all-new ZR2 trim level. That’s another way of saying that drivers who plan to go off-road will be happier with a Crew Cab model.

Chevy Double Cab vs. Crew Cab: Capacities

Regardless of which build and bed you select, you should know that both models have what it takes to crush to-dos on your Carmel or Noblesville job site. Here’s a closer look at the minor differences between each truck’s capabilities:

  • Both cabs can be optioned with any of the four available engines, including the range-topping 6.2L V8.
  • The Silverado Double Cab can tow up to 13,300 pounds, while the Silverado Crew Cab can tow up to 13,200 pounds.
  • The Silverado Double Cab can haul up to 2,040 pounds in its truck bed. Here the Crew Cab is slightly stronger, with a maximum payload of 2,080 pounds.

Ultimately, the hardest-working drivers in Indianapolis can be confident with either choice.

Compare the Crew Cab vs. Double Cab in Person!

Comparing Chevy’s Double Cab vs. Crew Cab on paper is a great first step, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to get a hands-on feel for both models before you get behind the wheel! Although you can certainly find a new Silverado at our Indianapolis, IN showroom, you can get even more of what you desire when you build your own Chevy with our team! We’ll place a direct order with the factory and let you know as soon as it arrives.

Contact us today to schedule a test drive, or continue your research online with more of our in-depth Chevy guides and comparisons.


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